The Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Another year and another Samsung Galaxy phone has been launched. Samsung has successfully been refining and improving their incredible flagship phones. It is all thanks to this series that the company is enjoying lush revenue streams.

Let’s check out the Samsung Galaxy S4 in this review and see if it has what it takes to be the last phone standing in these violent smartphone wars. With and all new smart exterior, the Samsung Galaxy 4 is one impressive phone to hold. Despite the considerable dimensions, the phone can be held in your hand with ease. The huge 5 inches of display with a pixel resolution of 1080×1920, one couldn’t ask for anything more.  By sticking to the Android interface, Samsung is still reigning king in the Android market and giving Apple a run for its money.

It must be noted in this Samsung Galaxy S4 review, the phone comes in two versions one with Snapdragon 600 and one with EXYNOS 5 OCTA. The Snapdragon 600 one is snappy toy to have. It has 2 GB of RAM which can’t have any one complaining. Games that demand high resolution play will run smoothly and you won’t find any lag with this phone.

Since the display is an AMOLED the colours are vivid and the contrast can be seen with your own eyes. However, this phone screen isn’t so bright which makes it a bit tough to see in bright daylight.

Those who like customising their phones can’t complain with this model. There are a good number of widgets which can be used create your own home screen setup. The coolest feature on this phone is that you just have to wave your hand in the air and you should be able to receive your call.  As for the camera, the phone exposes well. You won’t notice any over or underexposed areas in the frames. The phone is not superb in the details department but one could have expected more for the price. The video taken indoors won’t be of great quality but the colour will still manage to look fairly natural. If you are expecting a lot from the phone’s camera then you might be left a bit disappointed. The video features allow one to combine the front and back camera into one video which a treat for most who have never seen anything like this before in-built.

Overall the Samsung Galaxy S4 review, has seen and tested the Samsung Galaxy for its hype and it certainly does live up to it some aspects and some not so much.

Samsung won’t exactly catch you by surprise, but this phone is still a great phone to buy if you are willing to shell out big bucks. The phone is durable and should last you long. As for this Samsung Galaxy S4 review, that is a wrap.

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