wolf of wall street

The Wolf of Wall Street film Review

You must have got a fair idea about the plot of this film just by its name. The wolf of Wall Street is clearly about the frauds and scams of the stock market by Jordan Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who is the main lead in the film.

The film goes through a series of ups and downs and shows how the penny stock schemes were used by Belfort to become a millionaire. It is a black comedy, which is directed by Martin Scorsese, and has adapted the story from the silent film, Wolf of Wall Street by Rowland V. Lee. The movie movies very fast and you will not even realise when three hours passes away. It is more like a gangster film covered up in a corporate way. The influence of Black Monday and the effect it has on the stockbrokers is clearly shown in the film.

In the film, DiCaprio is the narrator and tells his journey through the small stock exchanges for his personal benefits. Belfort lives a flamboyant life with all the drugs, fancy cars, helicopter, yacht, homes, and hookers. He trains his employees in such a way that they sell whatever he asks them to and unexpectedly earns a lot of money. Even his wife leaves him because she catches him sleeping with Nomi; the role is played by Margot Robbie. He then marries Nomi just after his divorce and meanwhile, breaks so many rules that he finds himself in deep trouble.

He goes to a luxurious trip with Nomi in his yacht, which he had bought for her and is on the run at the same time because of the payments he was supposed to make to the bank. The run goes on for some time and before we realise, he is caught by the FBI and is trailed for fraud, comes out, and becomes a host at the seminars to teach the sales techniques.

On one hand, the film was appreciated for the spectacular acting done by DiCaprio, for which he is even nominated for Oscars, and on the other hand, the sexual and explicit content of the movie has raised many eyebrows. The director, Scorsese has also been nominated as the best director for Oscars. Overall, the film is worth watching for the pace and for the way it engrosses you in itself.

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